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Search our horse classifieds to find a horse for sale that suites you perfectly, we make buying or selling horses EZ.  For Sale By Owner is Easy and Free!  Buyers services are all Free and if you have a horse to sell you can sell a horse Free!

Buyers can use the Fast Search above to browse horses for sale by area, breed, and price or use our Quick or Advanced Search features to review only those horses for sale which match up to 17 different search criteria.  Register for our Free New Listing Notification service to save even more time searching for horses.  Using that Free service you can review all new For Sale By Owner ads matching your interest with just one mouse click!  Quarter Horse, Arabian, Paint, or Thoroughbred, just pick your desired horse breed, price range, and area to find horses as conveniently as possible.

Sellers can use our service as a Powerful Marketing Tool to sell a horse.  Allow buyers world wide to see photos and obtain complete details about your horse for sale anytime at their convenience.  You can also save a lot of time repetitively providing details of your horses for sale to buyers.  Your Horses For Sale By Owner ad here is exposed to Thousands of Real Buyers every day who search our horse classifieds.  Try us out yourself and see why millions of visitors have used our classifieds to buy or sell horses all across North America.

New ServicesOur service, which has already assisted Millions of users buying or selling horses in the USA, is now available for horses located in Canada.  Try us out free today.  We also publish horses for sale - horse performance events newsletters, you can register to receive our free newsletters covering regional performance events.

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